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Well, I`m currently thinking of possibly upgrading to Sandybridge, however, with the chipset problems I want to hold off on buying SB at this time. My e6300 is EOL but after OC, still decent. I want to upgrade my graphics card to extend the life of my current computer setup because my gpu has become the main limiting factor as I am tired of watching slideshows in games. This upgrade will be incorporated into a newer build for better performance once prices come down. I bought my E6300 when it first came out and I didn`t wait for prices to drop before buying, which was my mistake. I also don`t want to upgrade the ram since I will be left with useless DDR2 ram when I upgrade to SB with DDR3. In my area, we have Memoryexpress and Ncix locations, so I like to buy in person from them. Hopefully, since my 7600 gt has lifetime warranty, when it dies, I can get an upgraded replacement card to use along with whatever card I might purchase.

Here is a link to info about the PSU:
Nmedia MP-500 500W ATX Power Supply 20/24PIN W/ 140MM Fan - Buy Nmedia MP-500 500W ATX Power Supply 20/24PIN W/ 140MM Fan Retail Box - MP-500 In Canada.

If a new power supply is recommended, can you guys give me links to some affordable quality suggestions.

Running Windows 7 32bit
OCed E6300 is on stock cooling

Thank you.

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