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My System Specs


Thanks very much!
I was getting my info from Wikipedia re Can/US.
"The cable is terminated in either the T568A scheme or the T568B scheme. Canada and Australia use the T568A standard, and the United States commonly uses T568B scheme. It really doesn't make any difference which is used as long as you use only one of the standards so all connections are the same at your location to avoid confusion and potential problems. Mixed cable types should not be connected in series as the impedance per pair differs slightly and may cause signal degradation."

Category 6 cable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The cat 6 seemed slightly better designed. But I doubted it would be noticeable in my scenario. Still...the price was only $3.50 instead of $1.50.

I don't hold Wikipedia as the authority on all things. So i'm not challenging what you say. Just referencing what I read. Sometimes it seems as if the truth about everything will always elude us. lol ;-)
When in doubt...make your best guess. :)

Thanks for the confirmation for DVI-D. :)
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