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I actually liked the game. It has a short story BUT a very GOOD story. I just found it A) short and B) linear.
It takes awhile to get used to the controls (the cars ALL feel like they are on 'ice'...even the summer time section) but it is enjoyable (especially the golden oldies on the radio...brings back memories :) ). I really hated that fact that it wasnt a sandbox enviro. You really had to follow the story line, and while you COULD do some minor things like steal cars and stores...there really is no reason to do it. Its a A -> B -> C game. PLUS the cops are stupid. Red problem wave to them as blow threw a dozen of em they do NOT care. Go over the speed limit == problem...BUT out run them for a couple seconds and the prob goes away....even if you have just plowed over a dozen peeps! Hell pop a dozen cops and all you need do is change your car (steal another one or just change the plates) and change your cloths and presto you are no longer a wanted man! Other than that it was VERY enjoyable. :)
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