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Originally Posted by JD View Post
My brother has that Illuminated one too. Pretty decent, though I prefer my Razer Lycosa. It's pretty quiet too, but the rubberized keys make all the difference IMO. Doesn't get all greasy like normal plastic keys so it gives you a bit more grip.

Though I must say, the backlighting on the Illuminated is far superior, with two brightness settings. Definitely can be useful. Lycosa on the other hand is far too dull.

I have a lycosa here collecting dust. First one was sent for rma after 6 months, replacement had the same issue within 2 months. Certain keys stopped working/giving out weird letters/symbols.

Not a fan of razer after this, my brothers deathadder also broke within 6 months, I had a razer habu for about 3 years till it died.

Love the feel/look of the lycosa, but it just isn't durable. Hope you have better luck than me.
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