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My System Specs


Got my rig stable with the new WU's. It looks like the SLI 'fix' isnt fixed any more. Disabled it and its folding 6800's fine. TPF of 1:50 at 763mhz. PPD? Yeah. 10.5K.

Upping it back to 880 and tryin' er out. Either way...Ouch. Might be time to look into a 580.

Edit: Did happen to notice that each of my cards (while folding this 6800) is sucking less CPU time. Down to about 1% core usage per client. This could be about the only positive upside to the new WU's is better SMP folding.

Edit2: 3% done at 880mhz. So far so good, TPF is down to 1:35
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