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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Probably because like most of use, we were a little shocked and hurt when we lost XFX to the AMD side of things only.

LOL. That's Nvidia's fault though. Also, AMD is already starting to brag about their 69xx series, claiming they "expected" the 580. Here's the quote from this article:

"We had an opportunity to interview Stanley Ossias, Director, Mobile Discreet Graphics Product Management at AMD right about the time that the GTX 580 NDA ended. Basically his message was that AMD expected this improved version of Fermi and is well-prepared to counter it now and with their further release of their upcoming HD 6000 series. They feel that AMD has the right product and the right price point and that competition is good. We will have more of the actual interview with Mr Ossias later on and in a separate published article on ABT. Stay tuned as this graphics war gets more and more exciting and ABT is reporting from right on the battlefront’s front lines."
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