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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Avid6eek View Post
nVidia currently holds about 18% of the Direct X 11 that closer to a failure or a success?
And Intel holds over 50%. Does that make them the GPU leaders of the industry?

Put the market percentages in perspective, please. Are we talking about 'number of GPUs in computers' as an identifying factor of success? I guess AMD and nVidia both fail then

Statistics can be easily skewed in any direction with a little rubbing and nudging of words and numbers.

Back on track, this really just looks like a full die GF100 core, maybe with some minor tweaks to help power and performance? Should still be an interesting part.

Myself, I'm still waiting to see the GTX475 full die GF104. Even the full die GF106 should be something to behold. Of course that being said the next gen cards are probably only 6-12 months out from being released once the full die current gen cards hit the market......
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