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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Avid6eek View Post
nVidia currently holds about 18% of the Direct X 11 that closer to a failure or a success?

Consider this...with AMD dominating the DX11 market, as well has having the design wins for the next generation consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, nVidia isn't going to be able to peddle their proprietary CUDA and Physx technology that nobody wants. It's not that it's bad technology, but the industry prefers open standards. Nvidia's CEO is arrogant and it is catching up to them in a big hurry.

That being said, if the GTX 580 offers the best performance for the money, that's what I'm going to buy. If they keep up the current trend of charging a premium because they think CUDA and Physx holds some value, then AMD it is.
THat doesnt' suprise me. AMD had the lead.

However if both come out a month or two apart , it will be interesting to see what comes of that.
And I wasn't talking about market just so you know. Markets and CEO's and the likes aren't of my concern nor something I can quantify in performance stats. I was talking about the actual Arcitecture itself.


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