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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Tumdace View Post
yeah but this is 43 load...

oh and i downloaded HWmonitor.. i think the highest i saw it get (cause it records maximum) was 44c, so ive tried like 3 different programs.. i think its just that i got good cooling going on..

but then i checked my GPU.. lol it goes up to 65.. cant be good for my 8800GTS.. but i mean what can i do besides buy an aftermarket cooler... maybe for my next upgrade
Ya, mine is 46 under load. I was reinforcing that your readings are probably correct. Air flow is the key, the more air moving around and out of your case, the more heat it can carry away. Simple physics.

The GPU's do run hotter, but the max temp allowed is higher than the CPU cores. But yes, an aftermarket GPU cooler like the HR-03 is a wise investment. $45 cost to protect a $350 investment. You spent more on your video card than your CPU, why not protect it too?
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