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Okay new post without so much exclamation marks! Hope you read my post on time.

Lets do this step by step:

1. Start rig up
2. Open a can/bottle of....OC juice!
3. Go into BIOS
4. Press Ctrl + F1 This will unlock secret settings! LOL
5. Go to the overclocking section....ehm...lost the name the bottom of your list....
6. Set Graphics Booster to Turbo
7. Set Multi to 9
8. Set FSB to 400
9. Set OC settings to 'Extreme'
10. Set RAM setting to manual
11. Set Ram divider to 1:1 (400MHz)
12. Set timings to 5-5-5-15
14. Set RAM voltage at what your RAM is rated for
15. Set CPU voltage at 1.25V

Then press F10 to save and restart. Let us know if that works! Then we talk some more!
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