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Oh DEAR, to be honest I have no Idea what you are talkign about. I use the Folding@home 6.30r2 client for my GTX470 as well as the to monitor my status. I get 15,225 PPD's

Hmmm I get the impression you guys might be referring to an issue when using both CPU and GPU, if that is the case then I ought to mention I have never used my CPU for folding as I was under the impression that the gpu is more efficient than my weak 4.0ghz PII X4.

Edit: SO -advmethods is a flag you added to the client that distributes more efficient work units hence the higher points. I was reading at OCN that they stopped distributing -advmethods for the 4xx

So far all I have ever gotten is Project 10632 which I am told is crappy for points.

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