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Originally Posted by rogue woopa View Post
so hows that work

i go up to best buy and pick it up and its got problems what do i do go onto auses websight and download the new bios and drivers and whatnot and hope it works?? and if not bring it back to best buy for a new one??

its also going to be a school laptop do you think its reliable enough?? battery dosnt mater.
my other choices where hp dv8 and toshiba x500

its not going to be a 100% gamer but the more it can play the more i will play its more for inbetween classes gamer the rest is homework and movies.
If it's going to be a school laptop, you might want to consider the G53 instead. The G73 is HUGE and lugging it around school might be a pain. The G53 is exactly like the G73 on a smaller 15' screen.

I don't have experience with the Bestbuy version of the G73. I have the 1080p version which bestbuy doesn't sell. Bestbuy only sells the lower resolution one 1600x900 or basically a neutered version of the G73. The only advantage with Bestbuy is the ease of returning it when you don't like it or if it has defects (as compared to most online retailers).

If you don't really plan on "heavy" gaming, you really should consider other options. The battery on these notebooks don't last very long as well, 2 hours tops and only if you're very mindful of your battery usage.

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