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"make sure you're not using the factory default password and WAN (internet) access to the management/setup console is disabled."

access to the management/setup console is disabled? i hard to understand. are you saying make sure the management/setup console is disabled? so make sure the wan access management/setup console is disabled?

and yeah i just reset the little pin point reset button on the router and ready to return.

a quick stand-alone question:
what happend if we press the reset button on the modem? (not router) if i press the reset on the modem, does it make my modem not to work? gotta call isp to reactivate it? i just need to know what happend if i press it..... cause the answer determine weather should i do it or not cause i need to pin point a problem. so yeah what happends if i reset the modem? do i need to call isp to reactivate once i reset modem?
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