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Originally Posted by GMJim View Post
Thanks for the reply and the help.
With an 80 Gb SSD what would be a good size for the page file?
Well, I am not a real "expert" but my understanding of a page file is thus:

The pagefile is basically an extension of your ram. once your ram gets full, then the OS uses the page file as extra ram. Some people say that you can disable the page file altogether, but the thing is, even when you do that, you still see page file use in the task manager... A lot of people run with the page file disabled if they have enough ram, but I am not certain if windows then just uses random hard drive space for page file, or if it uses some section of your ram. Maybe an expert can chime in here?

Another option is to disable the page file on your C drive, and use it on your storage drive. You do not have to have the page file on the same partition or drive as the OS installation. To do this just go to that same "virtual memory" page, select no paging file for C, then set a custom size for storage drive. This way you are not using any extra capacity on your C:/ and you are saving the life of the drive by reducing the writes to it.

Sorry I can't be more help, hopefully someone here is a windows expert and can tell us whether or not disabling the page file ACTUALLY disables it despite the task manager showing page file activity.....
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