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On my XP system the MS disk clean up got rid of the 6.5 gb of temp files on both the windows temp file and the Documents and Settings temp file. Nice to see that crap gone. I have a 250 gb RAID 0 in that machine so I'm not that concerned.

My new Win 7 machine.
Can anybody tell me what the default setting for Superfetch is? I disabled it a while ago and want to change it to cache boot files only. It was on automatic or automatic delayed start. Can't remember.

Also after I disable hibernate do I need to delete the files? If so how?

Spacemonger reports pagefile.sys 4.3 gb. hiberfil.sys 3.2 gb.

Shadow copy used 3.42 gb Allocated 3.935 gb max Shadow copy 3.722 gb.

What is the winsxs folder? It's up to 6.3 gb?

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