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Originally Posted by mattydies View Post
Is it possible to tell which computer visits which website, or who downloaded a specific file?
I know you can tell that my internet connection did these things, but I am curious about SPECIFICLY which computer / port / connection.
As others have said, it depends on your router, easiest would be if it's one that's supported by WallWatcher:


If Wallwatcher works for your router, and if you assign each computer with a static IP together with restricting each user to individual limited accounts (so they can't change the system's IP addy else you'll have to go by MAC), then you can tell the sites visited and ports used.

If you enable accounts log on/off auditing in Windows, you'll know who used those systems.

However if you want to know what files were downloaded, you'll need to have something like a deep packet inspection firewall and an annual subscription for the service that will do the sniffing (or run your own Linux firewall).

I'm just guessing here, if it's something for keeping an eye on kids, you maybe better off with parental control software, going through network traffic logs looking for something that may or may not have happened is time consuming and not something I'd want to do on a daily/weekly basis... well... actually "never" would be good... ;-)

If you can tell us why you want those info then maybe we can figure out another way to skin the cat other than slogging though traffic logs.
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