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Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
rads don't make that big of a difference at all were talking about a few degrees at most. i run car rads over high performance triple rads for computers before i spend a truck on a rad.
Can you notice the difference i can measure it with digital gauges but it never effects my overclock at all. hence why i am running a swiftech mcr320 it handles my overclocked 920 just fine.
+1. I totally agree.

With fan speed under 1800-2000rpm, they are all the same. Maybe 1/2 degre better or worst here and there, but... This graph says it all. SLI + OCed i7 920. Does the Feser at 2X the cost of the MCR320 is worth around 1/2 degree (0.7 precisely at 1800rpm)?

I now use MCR320 only with Gentle Typhoon at 1850 rpm. Price/performance ratio can't be beat. And the GTs are silent.

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