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Originally Posted by AmuseMe View Post
How long did this take you? Did you just zoom through it or did you let it soak a bit, and shake it like crazy? If it comes out clean, I guess it doesnt matter However, if you let that 99% soak, you would probably find a lot more flux as it would loosen it up a lot more - but so will running water through it in a closed loop
Hummm running them through the tap water... 10 mins.... soaking with the iso99%...1 min i guess.. haha i didnt want to "eat" through the rad.... then i believe i shook them like crazy before the iso or during the iso.. i forgot.. then i just poured in distilled water...

I see clean transparent fluid though.. didnt see anything in there...humm i will redo it once again later... i ran out of that iso99%.. so... what's the steps again?

running hot tap water through open loop, then iso 99%... let it soak for how long? then shake that thang... then distilled water in open loop... that's it right?
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