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Originally Posted by chibi_man View Post
Those are sweet heater cores... by any chance are they complete copper?
They are a lovely medley of copper, brass and aluminum... I think. The core is copper with what I believe is Al fins between them though it could be tinned Cu or brass. The end caps are brass. Even if the fins are Al they don't contact the water. I ran it for about a year or so in another loop and had no corrosion issues any way.

Originally Posted by MpG View Post
I must say, that Cosmos has a really clean looking frame underneath everything... and you've done a dead sexy job on installing those heater cores. But are you going to have enough clearance for the PSU cables?
I have a 600W OCZ PSU that's going in here. The psu will leave about 15mm to 20mm from its back to the rad. The cables exit the PSU in the back corner right next to the mobo tray where they will scoot through the slot just visible behind the rads and can be hidden behind the mobo tray so they should be almost not visible at all in the final build, at least there. Maybe the only instance where a non-modular PSU will make thing neater.

Thanks for the positive comments so far everyone!
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