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FAQ - Work In Progress

Lately, there seems to be a problem where -bigadv folders are getting on SMP2 (A3) WUs. Forum member 10e found a fix so here it is. I have no way to verify whether this works or not as I don't run VMware folding. However it seems that this does indeed work. I suggest you backup your folding image first before you make any changes.

Originally Posted by 10e View Post
I've just gone into the VM and hit CTRL-C to stop the client, waited a few minutes and then restarted it with the -oneunit flag.

Haven't had an issue with losing a work unit that way.

I switched back my 3.9Ghz machine (now at 4.1Ghz) to Bigadv because it's gonna finish in less than two days, so it should hit under the time period for us to be done. I have two more coming today (hopefully), and two other boxes that are doing SMP2 right now...

I found out why my BigAdv machine was getting all A3s though. Apparently, if you get an A3 due to some assignment server issues recently, it will continue to get A3s for that particular machine ID.

This shouldn't happen because, as 7im, the horny self-loving folding forum guy said "The Bigadv flag takes precedence over -advmethods". I then found another post by a user P5-133XL where he mentioned you need to change the machine ID if that particular Machine ID has been receiving A3 SMP units, even if you've deleted the FahCore_A3.exe core file, work directory and queue.dat file.

So what I did was restarted the BigAdv VM with the -oneunit flag to finish the A3. I then removed the queue.dat, work directory, and FahCore_A3.exe file. I then restarted the BigAdv client with the -config flag by typing

./fah6 -config

Once this started I went into Advanced options by hitting return 5 or 6 times and answered "yes" to changing Advanced options, and then changed the Machine ID to 2, and it then went and got a BigAdv unit.

Hopefully they won't have assignment server issues like this in the near future. How nice this happened during the CC.

Go Beavers!

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