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Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
I had a VOIP connection back in the day with my cable internet, for life of me I can't recall if it was Cable Model > VOIP Modem > Router. As far as I remember, pretty sure it should be that way, since Router connects right before the PC (and without Router the PC is connected from the VOIP Modem).
I think you have it right, that would be the simplest (the router is the last one before the PCs).

But you may need to reconfigure the router. Normally the router has one connection to the outside world (WAN) and multiple connections (wired and wireless) to your inside network (LAN).

The router would normally be connected to the DSL modem (which represents the WAN) and would get an IP address from the WAN using something like PPPOE. You may not need that, since the VOIP modem might be doing that for you, and getting a WAN address. In this case, the router would connect to the DSL modem like if it is a normal PC on a network: See if you can configure the router's WAN connection to be "Obtain an IP address" instead of "PPPOE" or something else.

Hope it works.
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