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My System Specs

Default HD5870 with 8800GTS for PhysX

Just thought I'd share this with you guys...

Rather simple process, not really any more difficult than installing a 2nd GPU.
  1. Once the card is in and your back into Windows install the latest NVIDIA drivers (197.45 in this case), and don't restart afterwards.
  2. Install this "patch": Hybrid PhysX mod v1.03 (No, it's not a virus or anything, some AV software may detect it as a false positive though), click the Cake button.
  3. Create a fake monitor (or I guess you could attach to your VGA input on your LCD) by opening Screen Resolution. In the Display drop-down menu, select "Available display output on: NVIDIA". Then in the Multiple Displays drop-down, select "Try to connect anyway on: VGA"
  4. Open up NVIDIA control panel and enable PhysX.
  5. Restart.
  6. Enjoy PhysX action!
I did this under Windows 7 x64 with ATI Catalyst 10.4 WHQL installed beforehand.

Granted I only used an old 8800GTS 320M that I had lying around. Performance gains are fairly noticeable in PhysX applications though. However comparing to somebody with a GTX470 and i7 920 @ 4.2GHz as well, my Vantage CPU score doesn't get close to his. He's up in the 67k range and I'm only at 42k.

Also I hear NVIDIA is really trying to prevent this, so it's probably best if you want to do this, do it soon and don't bother updating your NVIDIA drivers ever again. GenL (creator of the patch) is unsure himself as to the future of things. He's already had to work around various NVIDIA checks to see if ATI cards were in the system from what I've read.

And I believe the original PhysX PPUs have been dropped from the latest PhysX software as well, so they no longer work. And before that, apparently they didn't work when ATI cards were detected either. From the sounds of it though, using this same patch can fix that up for you.

Here's some quick benchmark comparisons:

FluidMark - Software PhysX

FluidMark - Hardware PhysX

3DMark Vantage - No PhysX

3DMark Vantage - With PhysX

Anyways, best of luck if you end up trying it.
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