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My System Specs


Originally Posted by badatcards View Post
i'm still doing those A1 WUs. I'm not sure what client i'm running. I have my brother set up all the Folding stuff on my PC right after he formats it (about every 6 months), All I have to do is turn on my pc and the GPU folds on it own:) MY VMware(Q6600) I have to start but it never runs 100%, only when it gets a 1920 credit WU and my ppd is around 4000+ and takes 12 hours, I think. but every other WU runs between 70%-85% and only gets around 2100ppd and takes 24 hours. If I try to fix it I worried I'll mess it up and loss the 2000ppd it getting already, I suck at computers. The extra 2000ppd would be nice, It would put me in the top 20ppd, Maybe.
If you would set up the Windows client to run the new SMP2 workunits, you would get a nice PPD improvement from that.
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