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Default Laptop Audio Issue

Hey guys,

I just recently noticed this problem because I think it just recently popped up. The audio from my laptop is crackling, snapping and popping (I don't think it has anything to do with Rice Krispies though).
Playing back anything with sound gives me this problem. The onboard speakers as well as the headphone jack are both affected. For the jack I've tried plugging in both headphones and speakers and the result is the same.
I've tried playing back music with WMP and MediaMonkey, streaming from Youtube, flash games and AoEII. Everything has these unwanted effects every few seconds. I've also noticed the disturbances are more frequent and more pronounced when there's a lot of 'music happening', e.g. a soft track vs something fast with lots of bass and treble.
So looks like it's a system-wide issue. My drivers are up to date. Any ideas?
BTW it's a Gateway m-7315u running Vista 32bit.
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