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My System Specs

Unhappy BSOD!!! HELP!!!!!

hey guys,

I was surfing and chatting with my friends while my NBA2K10 minimized, went out for a smoke and when I came back suddenly BSOD screen and it stuck there; I had to reset my comp (now back to default configuration in BIOS)

I took this photo using my cellphone, can someone tell me what I did wrong.

I disabled my core3 cpu because when I tried to test it using OCCT, the graph read as below (after a sudden hiccup in 6mins running; a noise from somewhere inside my machine):

The rest of the graph looks like this

Now, I suspect that my mosfets sink isnt sitting properly since I m using TIM for contact patch (i've ordered thermalpads from dazmode yesterday) and my cpu heatsink isnt seated properly..... I will re do them once I get my thermalpads and i will be using AC mx-3 for the TIM. Any other comments? is my video card shot? is my PSU failing?

Specs @ my profile or you can click My System Specs on the right hand corner of this post.

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