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Default oc stuck at 405mhz

I tried to oc my comp (asus p5kc, intel e6750, 2 gig of crucial ballistix tracer 6400). i can get 3240mhz (8x405) but when i try to go higher, my comp crashe or doesn't stand 2 min in OCCT. my vcore is 1.375 (tried at 1.425 and no change), my vram is 2.2, my NB is at 1.4, my timings are 5-5-5-15. I tried 6x415 to see if it was my cpu but it still crash. My ram freq. is at 800 (667 before oc its the lowest). Someone can help me? i think the problem its the ram but before buying an other set i want to be sure. (i've disabled e1st and other little they say to disable on OC guides).
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