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Default laptop for around $900?

I've been keeping my eye on a laptop for a while but there's just so many and various opinions on them...for e.g.:

1) avoid nvidia for bump gate - get ATI
2) avoid HP, Acer - get ASUS or Lenovo - consider/disregard Dell ... ummmm...???
3) go for 2hrs battery life for gaming... go for 4hrs + .... ???
4) Intel or AMD cpu (I'm convinced to go for an Intel cpu... one thing I'm sure on...
5) budget? stretch it? don't stretch it... pick a limit... or? lol!
6) buy now.... wait until new releases.... ?????? could be waiting for ever, though...
7) which resolution?
8) LED or no LED?
9) buy from where? Customize or buy from computer store or big box store or????
10) AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Okay, seriously, this is what I'm waiting for:

*LED backlit screen preferred
*high res preferred - min.1440 x 900 or higher
*eSATA port and at least one digital video port (HDMI or DVI)
*Intel cpu that supports virtualization
*discrete/dedicated graphics card
*$900 but wonder if I should save for a bit higher... not sure

I am building a budget system before any laptop purchase but I am not sure what the hardware spec priorities should be... but, I would like to get the above

I'd use it for the same purposes as the deskop generally, 3D, photo/video editing, photoshop capabilities, watching videos/movies, surfing etc.etc.

Any good choices that fit?

I don't have any brand preferences but I tend to avoid the lowest models of any brand.... they might be cheaper but I think I'd ultimately be disappointed with them...

It would be good to have some ideas for when I really shop... :)
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