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Originally Posted by Jonwall View Post
Yeah anyone voicing their opinions on a companies horrible marketing is clearly nerd rage. Theyve been rebadging since the 8800 series and now theyve realised people hate them for it, so this time theres a MASSIVE delay while they scramble around trying to be a real gpu manufacturer. If these chips turn out to actually be as good as the rumours, then fine, but if theyre barely matching atis cards after this amount of time, expect large loss of market share.
Lol and ATI hasn't been rebadging since the HD 3000 series?

Oh and so far in 2010 ATI has been LOOSING market share so I don't know where people are getting that this has been affecting nvidia by that much. It is still hard to find some ATI cards so a lot of people aren't buying new cards. Not to mention you can run most games at near max settings with a less than 200 gpu anyways so there isn't really a high demand for newer cards. Then to add to the fact that it is not as strong as economy as before. So when you tie everything together it wouldn't really have mattered if nvidia released the cards back in november because there would have been even more shortages and still the same problem of economy and not a high need for more gpu power.

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