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Company Name: Kingston
Product: DataTraveler DTI 8GB
Warranty Period: 5 years
Date purchased: 2008
Date RMAed: 2009
Where it was sent to: California, US
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: No. They paid both way shipping for FedEx 2 day express
Wait time: 6 days
Details: I called them about my USB has stopped working. We determined that it is defective. (I think it broke because I stepped on it, but I'm not sure if I did step on it) They sent me the waybill and customs paper for me to print and I went to ship it. They paid both way shipping, and it was $48 each way... I hope companies get a BIG discount for shipping. Also, no receipt was necessary.
Satisfaction: 10. I love Kingston products for their excellent price and performance level far beyond what the price and specs suggests. After this I am officially Kingston for life!

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