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Originally Posted by phil3_66666 View Post
Hi everyone, im looking for a new block for my i7 860, i know lot of thing about lga1366block but lot less on 1156

i already own an ek supreme lt in pass and realy love it, but it was great with flow in E/W orientation on lga1366, still good with lga1156?

right now was i can buy in canada is, gtz, xt, supreme, supreme lt, hk 3.0

2 block fithing my budget is supremelt(nickel version) of apogee xt

for what i know xt get bether temp than lt, but i read lot of thing about quality probleme..

what did you think about that?

maybe someone have a roudup with lga1156?

All you need is EK - Mounting plate Supreme 775, 1156 & 1366 Mounting plate Supreme 775&1366 [Mounting plate Supreme 775&1366] - $7.84 : DazMode, Watercooling enthusiasts store

Serious that Supreme LT Block is really good, stay with it.. the XT might have a good performance, but the quality isn't good, I wouldn't want to lay hands on a block that the internals are messed from new, that product will not last long.. Unlike a supreme, c'mon EK makes real good quality stuff.. stay with the block, or ima come with daz (dazmode) and beat ya
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