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My System Specs


1 - No
2 - But, obviously they have close ties with retail outfits and cut them in quite well (from what I've heard), therefore these retail outfits push the pricey cables hard and a lot of the time don't even offer a cheaper cable that will work just fine. They can throw as much techno-babble into the cable description as they want, but it sure as hell doesn't cost that much to make one so it's pure profit and greed at work. Really I don't know who in their right mind would pay $250 for a cable to connect $75 upscaling DVD player or a $150 BluRay drive to their TV. The $10 cables I got at the StupidStore work just fine.
3 - Charging 10 to 20 times what a cable cost to produce leaves a lot of money for payola
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