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Originally Posted by Lamb View Post
Well just the motherboard you told me is better than mine

You're right about the TPF, already decreased to 37:23, would be pretty awesome to get under 35ish, I will definitly break the 40K PPD if my GPU's can get 'good' WU's that let em get as high as 9600PPD or more and my CPU yelding a good 23-24K

3.7 @ 1.25 with these temps is pretty good for that C0! Keep it up
Your TPF will also go down when you are not using the computer as the cpu doesn't have to dedicate cycles to run iTunes or firefox. In use i find my tpf is about 34 to 36 mins, when it is folding the entire night without me using it i will see it go down to 33-34 mins.
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