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The problem I had with mass effect 1 is that there are too many stupid sidequests and the main storyline was underdeveloped. The main storyline has a lot of unexplored potential and could have been much more engrossing.

The sidequests amost all inevitably make you drive around in the stupid mako for minutes on end to go to a level that has the same design you've seen before hundreds of times with the crates arranged slightly differently.

The multitude of mundane sidequests take away from the sense of urgency of completing the main quest. I'd rather sidequests be better integrated into the main storyline characters and worlds instead of sending you off to uncharted worlds to go mountain climbing in the stupid mako.

I'm certainly in no hurry to buy mass effect 2. Maybe I'll wait until it's 5 dollars like the first one before I buy it.
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