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Default Mass Effect 2

Many of you will know me as the guy who keeps harping on about how ME1 was a flop, how the story was good but the game in general was boring, and lackluster. And I will continue to do so.

However, it had the bones of a great story and the potential to be a good game. And dont get me wrong, I still think the first game was lacking but I am getting exited enough about this game to replay the first to make the second my game. The reasons for this shall follow.

First reason: Dragon Age: Origins. This is a game I really really liked and while the 2 games are completely different I think/hope Bioware/EA learned a lot from making it.

Second: The Cast. I've seen movies with less impressive casts, while they wont be huge screen names they are name "I" know and "I" recognize from shows "I" have watched and enjoyed. Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, etc. Now I am a critic at heart, I am the type of critic people hate because I find small details that a lot of people wouldnt notice let alone complain about and those things will ruin my experience. I may have forgotten where I was going with this line of thought, if I remember I will come back. But also me remembering an actor from something is also a feat, in general I will know the character's name and not the actors, and then I wont remember where the actors are from but these I actually know.

Third: Promises of intensity. This is something that was really lacking from the first game, I could run across entire planets literally and not run into one enemy, there were no fights that were really challenging, there was no time limits on anything, and you could move about quite a bit even on the story quests and not encounter anything for long periods of time. Dragon Age did this right and I'm hoping they keep to their promises.

Fourth: Team building. I've gotten the impression that you will actually have to work with your team this time and not just level them up. Another thing DA did well, your team had to like you or they left, they also got bonuses for having a group that trusted you significantly, ME1 always felt more or less you were alone to me at least and that the only reason you had a team was to balance your skills a little. Dragon age the team mattered, ME1 it didnt. I'm really hoping they have learned something from DA.

Fifth and final: Artwork. I think a darker atmosphere will be better in general, will add more to the story and add depth to the game.

I have preordered and after Dragon Age I have faith in Bioware to deliver me another good game. I hope this kicks of some good discussion.

My next post will include my opinions on charcter transfer, I know very little about how its actually going to work, as the entire game seems to have been reworked so yeah, have fun, comes out on the 26th I believe. And try to ignore what I typed about being a critic, its sleep talking and I will try to remember where I was going with it. Sorry for the really long post.

YouTube - biowaremasseffect's Channel

Stuff I forgot.

Sixth: Paragon/Renegade. I am hoping, and I believe I read/watched a video somewhere about this, that there wont be as clear lines drawn. I disliked how in the first I got bonuses basically if I was pure one or the other. Life is a series of greys, noone is pure as snow as the expression goes and I'm really hoping that there is a lot more give and take here.

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