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[quote=Smn123;309697]For a start I'm a person with 0 experience in building PC's since I haven't used many.I just choose component's based on reviews,generally other people's opinion's, and usually an intuition based on price and brand names.Keeping that in mind here's a suggestion:
Cpu :Phennom 955
Mobo: ASUS M4A78T-E( I could definitely be wrong about that)
Ram :OCZ 4Gb reaper HPC dual channel kit(1600Mhz-Cl7)
Vga: Saphire Vapor-X HD5870
PSU :Enermax revolution 1050W
Case: Coolermaster RC 932 HAF
SEcondary HDD: OCZ agilty series 30gb
I know this is a pretty expensive machine and one is very likely to find a same performing PC with seriously less money but this is what I came up quickly by haveing upgradability in mind as well.It's open for corrections.
One can try changing the PSU(maybe a thermaltake Qfan 850w),mobo(maybe the EVO mentioned above),VGA(5850) and case(Thermaltake M5) and ofc remove the SSD.
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