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My System Specs


Originally Posted by danmitch1 View Post
Hey, i checked my bios settings in power management and everything that would look like it was a power saving feature is off.
The ram came with the pc no doubt that dell would cheap out on that eh,
it came with 2 sticks of 1 gb and i upgraded 2 more sticks matching all the specs but they are kingston.
Are there any other settings i should check for that powersaving stuff? Im new to vista so im not sure .

Thanks for your time !!


ps: Do i have to mess with my ram inorder to oc my cpu ?
Unless the ram is set in bios to run "unlinked" it's going to ramp up as you raise the fsb, and I'm not certain there is any way to run it unlinked when you are trying to do a software OC.

I'd try an initial OC using just the kingston mem to see if it is the samsung holding you back. (2gig is easier to OC than 4gig as well). That way you'll at least remove that possible block out of the equation.

It would really help if you can get your hands on a digital camera of some form so that you can upload pics of all of your bios screens.
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