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How long does it take for FahMON to show that the VMware is churning? My CPU is at 100% on each core (give or take a couple %) and my memory is at 80%, but yet it still shows it as paused. I'm slightly confused.

Edit; Well, it appears to be working after all, finally got a message saying;

Completed 2500 out of 250000 steps (1%)
Oddly enough though, it still shows it as paused.

Edit #2; From 1% to 2% it took 45 minutes, does this seem remotely right? If I'm not mistaken, that's 75 hours to complete a single project. 3 days seems a bit long all things considered, is it possible I'm missing something?

Also, apparently I'm 1,717,988% done according to FahMON. Huh...
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