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My System Specs


Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
anything below wont make it..? :)
-bigadv workunits are worth about 25k points each. However, if you turn them in before the deadline, you get bonus points. The amount of points you get is determined by how far in advance of the deadline the unit is uploaded. I believe a stock or lightly overclocked i7 (~3GHz) would just make it in under the deadline to get a bonus, but an overclocked CPU would complete units considerably faster, and therefore would obtain a much larger bonus.
Originally Posted by bwm View Post
And exactly which model# i7 chip are we talking about here?
Any of them. All i7 CPUs (including the LGA1156 Lynnfield variants) are capable of overclocking quite well, and like 3.0charlie said, 3.6GHz is basically guaranteed as long as you have decent cooling. Keep in mind that it must be an i7 and not an i5, since Hyperthreading is a requirement to be able to fold the units fast enough to submit before the deadline.
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