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My System Specs

Default PCI Slots don't work?

Well here's an odd one for you guys...

I got an old A8N-E (nForce 4 Ultra) with a AMD Athlon64 3200+ and 2x512MB DDR-400 OCZ Premier RAM. Basically things were all working normally, until last night. Now none of the PCI slots work. Regardless of what I plug in, or which slot I use, nothing is detected.

Hard drive has XP, Vista and 7 on it and they all experience the same thing. And prior to this, the onboard LAN started being all flaky, half the time it wouldn't even show in Windows and other times it shows but says it cannot start, or it simply won't get an IP via DHCP.

So what should my course of action be? I've already reloaded the defaults in the BIOS, but didn't do an actual CMOS clear yet.
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