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Originally Posted by MarkOne View Post
Thanks Sagath, I really appreciate your link , by the way the autocad show in the link is good for 60 months , If I use it and save a DWG MAY be I can use V-carve after for the milling, anyway they offer a 30 days free version for try,.. that's nice . But the fact it also draw a watermark make me worry that I can't use it for that purpose. But I really want to try Autocad . So I think I gone risk the Student for play a little bit with it,
You don't seem to understand. You don't export a drawing and send it to a CNC for machining. You create a model using CAD software, then generate tool paths based on that model, using whatever piece of software you prefer (I believe most if not all well-known CAD systems have built-in functionality to do this, and I'm sure AutoCAD does as well, although I've never used it). The tool paths are converted to machine code, and it is that code which is sent to the machine. The fact that the student version of AutoCAD places watermarks on drawings that you print doesn't make a difference, since those drawings have nothing to do with the actual process of using a CNC machine to machine a part that you design in CAD software.

So in short, you should be able to use the student version of AutoCAD to do what you want.
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