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Originally Posted by slay3r View Post
IAm i only just lucky since i didnt lose any single disk that i have bought? I've seen everywhere people having drives goes bad. Is it because they use Raid and it stress more theses disk? Hence, higher chance that it break?
No. RAID doesn`t stress HDDs.

RAID-0 uses more drives to store the same amount of data without redundancy, so theoretically there`s an increased risk of data loss at the same HDD failure rate.

I also have suffered minimal HDD failure over the years. I attribute it with taking extra care in mounting. I use high-quality cases with rubber grommets. I space the HDDs out so that no HDDs are adjacent to each other. I always assure a good supply of cooling air around them.

I used a set of four IBM Deathstar 75GXPs in RAID-0 for over five years without an issue, migrating the array between three different motherboards with three different Highpoint RAID controllers.

No, RAID doesn`t endanger data, but it doesn`t really protect it either. It is not a reliable means of data security. It is a convenient way to recover from single-drive (or in some cases two drive) failure without downtime. It doesn`t protect against malware, fire, flood, theft, operator error or any of the other ways that data is lost simultaneously on mirrored HDDs.

Real data security comes from multiple offsite backups.
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