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My System Specs


Depending on what program you are using for video editing you may be able to utilize the benefits of CUDA and high amounts of ram.

I have found that many video editing programs do not overly benefit from from more than 4GB even when used with a 64bit OS, however I found and there are a few reviews around the web supporting this - that when switching to Adobe Premiere and AE CS4, that these programs were finally able to take advantage of more than 4GB, and there was a noticeable improvement when running on 8GB total, some nearly doubling in speed.

Also with the advancements in CUDA and synergy with many popular video editing suits such as the Adobe and Sony programs - The choice to go with some NVIDIA like an GTS 250 or even a GTX 260 will likely wind up being very well worth the money in the future when they fully implement CUDA into the Adobe suite and it will greatly reduce time when doing things like transcoding or applying effects. Make sure it has at least OpenGL 2.0.

What formats do you see yourself using? If AVCHD is going to be your thing, then definitely stick with i7 920 or higher. The virtual 8 cores are incredibly beneficial

You may also want to consider looking into an SSD or Raid array for your primary drive and scratch disks - S iSD's especially will result in some very nice performance benefits.
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