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My System Specs


You can approach overclcoking c2d's quite seriously to milk the most performance out of the chip, or do it quickly and easily with a modest overclock. Truthfully, you can obtain a pretty good overclock on c2d's without much work or understanding of the process.

If you don't mind doing a bit of reading, though, I would recommend reading a couple of overclocking guides to get a background so that you learn the terms (you might already be familiar with them though).

I made a list of a few guides here that will get you started, then we can answer more specific questions once we know what page you're on and we're speaking the same language. If you really don't want to do alot of reading and learning about it, we could probably walk you through a modest overclock, but I would recommend getting the background if for no other reason than the enjoyment of the process.

I would recommend getting TAT (Intel's thermal analysis tool) a good temperature monitor with a combined stress tester.

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