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Default 5970 with 285 benches before reformat

Well got one of these bad boys.Waiting on another.Thought I do a few quick benches before format.
I reserve jugement till after format of computer.

First up quick and dirty overclock with MSI afterburner,just using core voltage,because Overvolt tool from Sapphire does not reconize the OC edition for which it was made.
Core 935
Memory 1100

To my surprise there were no crashes when clocks were set and I ran about 20 game benchmarks.

Pic of 5970 and 285

Clocks and Cryostasis Benchmark 1920x1080 Maxed

Batman with Physic 1920x1080 4aa 16af

Batman No Physics

Heaven Benchmarrk 19200x1200 DX11 Maxed

Stalker 1920x1080 All Maxed

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