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Default Annoying mouse problem

My mouse will randomly lock up... and seconds later, there cursor will whip over to wherever I had been trying to move it. This is often accompanied by the sound of a USB device disconnecting, then connecting. So far, I have gone into device manager, and turned off the ability to power down USB devices. I have ran Adaware, and while it found tracking cookies (which I removed), nothing there seems to have been of consequence to the mouse. I have uninstalled the mouse, then plugged it back it and let Windows find it. I have switched USB ports. I haven't had a chance to try another mouse, but I do not believe it is a hardware problem.

I had this same problem on this computer once before - a Windows reinstall (Vista at the time) solved the problem. I am not running Windows 7. My dad had this problem on his computer as well, but once again a Vista reinstall saved the day.

If necessary, I can do a reinstall, but I'd like to avoid it. I've done a virus check, and found nothing - I'll try another. Any other ideas? Oh, it's a Win 7 system, ASUS P5E3 Deluse, Q9550, 4GB OCZ Platinum PC3-12800, and a 1.5TB Seagate HD with updated firmware.
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