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My System Specs


Guys, it's not the ram config, the guy's getting the same thing when he boots into windows XP. RAM voltage, quite possibly, One thing you may want to try is to see if you can get into windows XP in safe mode. If you can, disable restart on Stop errors, this will allow you to actually see the error message, you can then google it, or put it in here, and find out exactly what is causing the comp to BSOD.
Also, Double check the cables to your graphics card. I have a 7800gtx, and I didn't plug the stupid molex in all the way, and it restarted quite constantly on me. I double checked it, and it started working normally.
Try with different sticks of ram (use one at a time, and check all 4 of them to see if you can load windows, one of the sticks may be bad...)
Finally, for today, try turning the comp on a couple times (let it reboot at windows 3-4 times) then go into your bios, and check the CPU temps, wild guess, but possibly restarting due to cpu temp.
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