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Default AMD Claims that Barcelona whoops QC Xeons: Tech Report

A bold claim in this blurb from Tech Report- maybe somewhat of an exaggeration, although at this point, I don't think AMD can afford to dissapoint any further.

"Not content with claiming to have broken the teraFLOPS performance barrier with its next-generation R600 graphics processor, AMD has done some additional boasting on the microprocessor front. As EE Times reports, the company has asserted that Barcelona will offer 42% higher floating-point performance than Intel's current fastest quad-core offering, the 2.66GHz Xeon X5355. AMD is a little quieter when discussing integer performance, but Mario Rivas, general manager of the company's microprocessor group, nevertheless claims that Barcelona will offer a "double-digit leap in integer performance" over the quad-core Xeon. AMD chief of sales and marketing Henri Richard also says Barcelona will have a "significant integer performance lead" over Intel's quad-core processors."
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