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In addition to what these guy mentioned which is correct 1GB stick or 2GB sticks at a time.

Also Patriot memory needs more voltage to run. Your board will default to either 1.8 - 1.9 volts Patriot usually needs 2.1 - 2.2 volts so check your RAM voltage in the BIOS.

What BIOS are you running? What version? Have you checked with the BIO's/Mobo website to see if there isn't a conflict with the RAM your running and the version of said Mobo and/or BIOS?

May need updating...

Also be sure that your mobo can take your RAM and other components, make sure their are no issues with compatibility. If you have an ASUS board they are notoriously fussy and have a short QVL so check it out too...

Hrm...also make sure your RAM is seated properly as some Mobo's you have to use a good amount of force to make them seat properly.


EDIT - Welcome to Hardware Canucks btw :)

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