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Default Need Help! Im out of ideas.

So i was on here about a week ago looking at your review and stuff for a building a new system. I finally got all the parts in and was all happy, but now it just blue screens. I tried installing vista 64 for the first time and it all worked fine till after the first restart when it tries to actually go into windows. No matter how many times i have tried formating and starting over it blue screens as soon as it tries to get in windows after the first restart during installation. I even pulled a harddrive out of my old computer that has xp on it and it still blue screened as soon as it was about to pop up the login screen. Anyone have any idea? i have tried switching around the ram, a different harddrive, unpluging everything that wast necessary.

My specs are:
4GB Patriot 800
750gb WD77500AAKS
EVGA 8800GT 512 KO
Arctic P4 cooler

Please help, i have run out of ideas.
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