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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
I think Prifinnity is easier than this, no? It's a gui, you select the processes and add them to your "favorites" list. From there they will be monitored once a minute to make sure the priority is still at what you want it to be.
I've never heard of or used that program so I couldn't say. However, WinAFC is pretty easy to set up.
Originally Posted by Prof. Dr. Silver View Post
Hey Kruzn,

I might be wrong here but it looks like you have your 4x VMware clients setup the wrong way.... You have:
1x SMP per two CPU's
1x SMP per four CPU's
1x SMP per two CPU's
1x SMP per four CPU's

This leads to an uneven load for all you cores in your i7, won't it? Since you only have eight virtual cores, shouldn't you have 4x1 SMP per two cores = 8 cores in use at all times :)
It doesn't really matter if a VM is set to use an instance per two cores or per four cores, since VMWare Player only supports up to two cores per VM. So every client is still using only two cores.
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